photoThis company recently introduced this high-resolution, digital microscope camera.
     The Polaroid Digital Camera (DMC) 2 offers microscopists an imaging tool that captures sharp photos with speed and ease using a 2.1 megapixel chip for true 1600 x 1200 color output resolution. It also provides detailed 14-bit per channel linear RGB images, enabling precise scientific measurements. In addition, the DMC 2 offers an increased full-color preview rate of 12 frames-per-second, resulting in easier framing and focusing for optimum image capture.
     Featuring a new electronic shutter, the DMC 2 provides quiet operation while the color focusing aid and multiple white balance settings allow microscopists to adjust the camera’s color balance based on the color temperature of their source (e.g. tungsten). Each DMC 2 camera comes with a dual SCSi connector to “daisy chain” or connect more than one system to a single computer, reducing the need for multiple workstations.
Polaroid Corp.
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