Gold Standard Diagnostics Inc (GSD) announced the execution of an agreement with Axis-Shield to distribute their proprietary assays in the US Market. Axis-Shield owns a number of patents in the areas of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and more recently, sepsis.

GSD will initially focus on distribution of Homocysteine, but also gains access to distribute Axis-Shield’s other key products such as Anti-CCP.

Homocysteine ─ First promoted for cardiac risk assessment, Homocysteine now appears to be an accurate frontline indicator for a wide variety of diseases throughout a person’s life. From neural tube defects and learning disorders in the young, through to the increased risk of stroke or dementia in the elderly, the body of evidence linking elevated blood levels of this marker with ill-health continues to grow. Since developing the first homocysteine assay over 15 years ago, Axis-Shield has been in the forefront of promoting this important marker.

“Axis-Shield is a proven established partner in global diagnostics, and we are thrilled to work closely with Axis-Shield to further its product reach in the US market. Since its inception, Axis-Shield has been a pioneer in the cardiovascular and rheumatoid arthritis markets, and coupled with our sales and service teams here in the US, we can deliver high-quality, cost effective solutions to US labs,” said John Griffiths, CEO of Gold Standard Diagnostics.

“We are excited to grow our relationship with Gold Standard, which has proven expertise in servicing the clinical reference laboratory market in North America. Its network of laboratory partnerships and superior customer service will provide new growth opportunities in the US market for Axis-Shield’s product portfolio,” said Anil Vasishta, Sales and Marketing Director at Axis-Shield Laboratory Division.

Source: Gold Standard Diagnostics