Hemo Bioscience signs an agreement with the American Red Cross to become their exclusive distributor of Blood Grouping Reagents manufactured by the American Red Cross Diagnostic Manufacturing Division (DMD) in North America. The products included in the agreement are Anti-K, Anti-k, Anti-Kpa, Anti-Kpb, Anti-Fya, Anti-S, Anti-s, and Anti-M.
The addition of the Red Cross DMD Blood Grouping Reagents goes a long way to completing the current Hemo Bioscience line.  “We, at Hemo Bioscience, are excited about this opportunity. The Red Cross DMD Blood Grouping Reagents are a perfect complement to our existing line.  This agreement provides customers with the ability to purchase almost a full range of blood grouping reagents through one source,” says Noel Brown, President and CEO.  
Hemo Bioscience is dedicated to providing Blood Banks with high-quality products and services. “We continue to expand our product line and look for partners like the American Red Cross where there are synergies that allow us to serve our customers better,” said Brown.  
Founded in 2003, Hemo Bioscience, Inc. manufactures and sells a complete line of ABO and Rh reagents and ancillary products used by hospitals, reference laboratories and donor centers to detect and identify certain properties of the cell and serum components of blood prior to transfusion. Hemo Bioscience is planning to bring to market a complete family of products over the next 18 months for all of its market segments. 
The American Red Cross Diagnostic Manufacturing Division manufactures FDA licensed polyclonal blood grouping reagents in Gaithersburg Maryland. The Red Cross Diagnostic Manufacturing Division is part of American Red Cross Biomedical Services, which serves over 40% of the nation’s blood supply to more than 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers across the United States.  The Red Cross collects more than 6 million units of blood from volunteer blood donors each year.

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Source: Hemo Bioscience