The Center for Phlebotomy Education, Corydon, Ind, offers a four-poster set that vividly portrays sound specimen-collection techniques that reinforce key concepts with staff members.

PosterThe set consists of the “Blood Specimen Collection Sites and Precautions” wall atlas, the “Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy,” the “Order of Draw,” and the “Accurate Results Begin With Me!®” poster.

The “Blood Specimen Collection Sites and Precautions” wall atlas illustrates the anatomy of the antecubital area, depicting acceptable sites for blood specimen collection and text describing the risks of venipuncture. It shows nerves, veins, and the brachial artery of the antecubital area.

The “Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy” proposes 10 rules all specimen collection personnel should consider to be “commandments” for performing the procedure. The “Order of Draw” shows the order in which blood collection tubes must be filled to prevent additive carryover from altering testing results. The “Accurate Results Begin With Me!” poster lists 30-plus tips on specimen collection embedded within a starburst design that draws attention.

All four posters are printed in full color and laminated for durability.

[Source: Center for Phlebotomy Education]