p> Horiba ABX Diagnostics has expanded its product line with Micros im, a three-part differential automated hematology analyzer. A new design accommodates medical practices of any size. The analyzer is packaged with an information-management middleware system on a compact, zero-footprint platform that integrates the computer and keyboard in a single module.

The Micros im combination hematology analyzer/information manager benefits a market that is sensitive to Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 regulations. It accommodates 10-µL sampling on a closed-tube configuration, reporting out to 16 parameters at 60 samples per hour. A comprehensive integrated middleware package enhances the product by offering patient data management along with accession logs of unlimited patient storage. The simple and flexible system can order CBCs and QC, and offers viewing capabilities in color-coded formats to easily distinguish flagging and sample status at a glance.

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