The PCS®plus from ARTEL is an automated pipette quality-management system designed to increase laboratory efficiency through performance verification, automated record keeping, and pipetting technique training. The new system combines the PCS2® Pipette Calibration System with the new Pipette Tracker™ pipette-management software, a PC, and training in pipetting technique by an ARTEL technical specialist. The PCS®plus is designed to answer, with one system, the laboratory’s need to reduce the time spent on pipette calibration, to streamline documentation, and to ensure that laboratory personnel are working to the highest quality standards and are maintaining Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment compliance.

The PCS®plus incorporates the latest version of Pipette Tracker software, which offers many data- and asset-management capabilities designed to increase record-keeping efficiency and provide real-time monitoring of calibration needs. The laboratory can schedule pipettes for calibration, and will automatically receive an alert when calibration is due. During calibration, immediate pass/fail status is reported to the laboratory’s specified tolerance limits. Maintenance, repair, location, and performance data are archived. For larger clinical facilities using multiple PCS®plus systems, the software can be easily networked, providing centralized management or auditing of pipette quality. Each PCS®plus includes a PC preloaded with Pipette Tracker software.

The PCS®plus is delivered with training by a certified ARTEL technical specialist to ensure that lab professionals are proficient in the use of the system and the advanced pipetting technique. The ARTEL specialist will set up an ongoing proficiency-assessment program to help lab managers attain consistently high-quality pipetting in their labs. Integration of the PCS®plus with a laboratory’s current pipette-calibration procedures is transparent due to the straightforward user interface and the reduced user skill and time requirements compared to other methods.

The PCS®plus is based on ARTEL’s patented ratiometric photometry technology, which, unlike gravimetry and other methods, provides high accuracy, precision, and speed in a working clinical laboratory environment.

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