Inverted microscope

Advanced Microscopy Group (AMG), Mill Creek, Wash, has introduced Evos, a fully integrated imaging system combining an inverted microscope, 3MP color digital camera, and LCD display. This system replaces traditional eyepieces with an adjustable 15-inch color LCD display that provides a comfortable viewing position when observing specimens. Infinity corrected plan objectives (up to 40x) deliver clear images with brightfield and phase contrast techniques. Illumination is provided by a bright LED system with a 50,000-hour rated service life. Live or captured images can be viewed on the LCD and stored on an SD memory card or PC. The system operates with only a few controls and minimal assembly and adjustments. The Evos system, which can accommodate most tissue culture vessels and microscope slides, is available with a simple plain stage or mechanical “glide” stage for more controlled vessel movement.

Advanced Microscopy Group
(800) 304-3202

Symphony H&E

Slide prep system

The Symphony H&E slide preparation system from Ventana Medical Systems, Tucson, Ariz, integrates innovative reagent formulations and automation to deliver productivity, safety, and top quality. The instrument is the only H&E slide preparation system that brings one-touch automation to all steps of the staining process, from sample drying through glass coverslipping. The system also eliminates the use of toxic xylene during the staining process. It produces high-definition H&E (HD H&E) slides through the combination of proprietary reagent formulations and discrete slide staining. The unique process improves diagnostic visualization in certain contexts, protects against cross-contamination, and delivers consistent reagent quality and reproducible results while improving laboratory workflow.

Ventana Medical Systems
(800) 227-2155

StatSpin Express 4

High-speed horizontal centrifuge

The new StatSpin Express 4 from Iris Sample Processing, Westwood, Mass, can spin up to 10 mL gel tubes in 3 minutes. For laboratories “going lean” with single-piece flow instead of batching samples and loading into conventional slow centrifuges, labs can now process gel tubes quickly and efficiently with the new StatSpin Express 4. It can spin up to eight samples in just 3 minutes, providing clean separation with a flat gel barrier so that samples can be put directly on the analyzer. The unit can be placed next to any analyzer to eliminate unnecessary steps and improve workflow. The StatSpin Express 4 has a powerful, maintenance-free, brushless motor, and the entire unit is backed by a 2-year warranty. Tube inserts are available to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes.

Iris Sample Processing
(800) 782-8774

Fiber-Lite DC950

Machine vision illuminator

Dolan-Jenner Industries, Boxborough, Mass, manufactures fiber-optic components and fiber-optic illumination systems that serve the microscopy, imaging, and machine vision industries. Dolan-Jenner has introduced the Fiber-Lite DC950H Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator for machine vision integrators, a 150-watt quartz halogen regulated illuminator that produces a higher output with greater reliability, and is now RoHS compliant. It features DC-regulated output, fast lamp response, and a 0 to 5 VDC remote intensity control interface with linear voltage adjustment (8 bit D/A module available). The DC950H can be operated remotely, and offers notification of lamp failure to decrease downtime. The unit is made of stackable, heavy-duty steel housing with a mounting capability.

Dolan-Jenner Industries
(800) 626-8324