productThe record folders and heavyweight pressboard folders can be color-coded and assembled with 1- or 2-in fasteners, custom clips, filebacks and/or indexes. Other options include single or reinforced tabs, Tyvek expansion, Mylar spine, and transfer tape guidelines. The folders can be further customized by imprinting a facility’s name, logo, and other information.

The standard and transfer tape filebacks are one solution for storing and organizing records within a file folder. Side- and bottom-tab filebacks with fasteners allow pages to be added or removed without disturbing the existing documents. Fileback options include top- or side-scored hinges and tab extensions, clear or colored reinforced tabs, a clear reinforced binding edge, and printing in black ink.

Transfer tape filebacks are produced with a self-adhesive strip and two fasteners so they can be added to any chart or folder. Transfer tape options include tape on the back and front, two 2-in bonded fasteners, side hinge and tab extension, clear or colored reinforced tabs, and printing in black ink.

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