Hand Sanitizer Stand

Hands-free infection-prevention stand

Medicus Health, Grand Rapids, Mich, offers a new hand sanitizer stand with an easy-change sign holder. The hands-free infection-prevention stand provides high-visibility hand sanitizer dispensing for visitors and guests while also integrating an easy change sign holder. The 8.5- x 11-inch sign holder ensures that hand sanitizing policies are clearly communicated to everyone. The brushed aluminum sign holder has a snap-open frame that makes infection control message changes simple and includes a clear protective cover so your sign is protected. The stand is designed for high-traffic areas such as nursing stations, waiting areas, and labs. The stand is 57 inches tall and has a weighted base with a 15-inch diameter.

Medicus Health
(877) 514-1140

Powder-Free Examination Gloves

Aid in restoring the natural pH of the skin

Results from clinical studies have shown that pH Natural 5.5 powder-free examination gloves from Shentex Inc, Union City, Calif, can decrease the occurrence of skin irritation and dryness in long-term wearers. Shentex pH Natural 5.5 powder-free examination gloves utilize a patent-pending technology to aid in restoring the natural pH of the skin, while moisturizing dry, chapped hands. Shentex pH Natural 5.5 powder-free examination gloves are available in latex and soft nitrile. The Shentex pH Natural 5.5 powder-free examination glove help maintain a lower skin pH and less dryness than the standard gloved hand.

Shentex Inc
(888) 988-8788

Biohazard Wipes

Absorbs blood and prevents leaks

Orange Biohazard Wipes from Current Technologies, Crawfordsville, Ind, help prevent cross-contamination when wiping blood spills on blood gas analyzers. The white side absorbs blood while the orange plastic backing prevents leak-through to gloves. The wipes are applicable in ER, critical care, central lab, cardiac cath, ICU, radiology, respiratory therapy, and physician’s offices. They are available in 3- x 3-inch and 4- x 4-inch sizes, as well as three absorbencies (standard, heavy, and super sponge-plus). Acrylic holders are also available for convenient storage next to analyzers.

Current Technologies
(800) 456-4022

PCR Tubes and Caps

Eight-strip, numbered tubes

Sarstedt Inc, Newton, NC, has updated its line of eight-strip Multiply-µStrip PCR tubes and caps. Each tube of the PCR Multiply-µStrip now features a molded number (1 through 8) near the rim for easy identification and tracking. Also, the connecting bridges between tubes in each strip have been reinforced to improve stability and rigidity. The corresponding Multiply-µStrip domed lid strip has been replaced with an optically clear flat version appropriate for real-time and standard PCR applications. When used together, Multiply-µStrip PCR tube and cap strips provide a leak-resistant seal to minimize sample loss. Sarstedt Multiply-µStrip PCR Performance Tested products are batch tested to guarantee no detectable human DNA, DNase, RNase, or PCR inhibitors.

Sarstedt Inc
(800) 257-5101