Brussels, Belgium — PharmaDiagnostics NV, a company developing and marketing a broadly-enabling, label-free screening technology that uniquely does not require specialized instrumentation has announced that it has been awarded a European patent for its innovative SoPRano ADME  (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) assays.

The European patent entitled “Reagents and methods for the determination of PK/ADME-Tox characteristics of new chemical entities and of drug candidates”, was awarded by the European Patent Office and provides formal acknowledgement of, and protection for, SoPRano label-free SPR-based assays that can be used to assess the ADME properties of compounds earlier in the drug discovery process.

“This patent is a clear recognition and acknowledgement of the innovative nature and commercial applicability of our SoPRano technology platform that enables improvements to the efficiency of the drug discovery process,” said Dr David Ricketts, CEO at PharmaDiagnostics. “Assays covered by this patent are already being trialed by a number of major pharmaceutical companies. As a result, the patent provides us further business growth opportunities.”

The SoPRano technology is unique in enabling label-free screening without a dedicated expensive instrument, the company says. For the first time, label-free assays can be applied in higher throughput earlier in drug discovery process to enable more informed decision making.

ADME assays currently marketed as SoPRano products and services include HSA and AGP interaction affinities, fraction unbound in plasma and volume of distribution, pKa, blood brain barrier permeability, bioavailability, and redox potential.

SOURCE: PharmaDiagnostics NV