Quidel Corp, San Diego, a provider of rapid diagnostic testing solutions, cell-based virology assays and molecular diagnostic systems, has completed its acquisition of BioHelix Corp, Beverly, Mass.

QuidelThe deal is worth more than $10 million.

“The collaboration between BioHelix and Quidel has been effective and productive. Further, with the launch of AmpliVue C. difficile, we have demonstrated customer receptivity to a hand-held, disposable molecular platform, which gives us confidence that this additional investment in BioHelix and its isothermal amplification technology is warranted,” says Douglas Bryant, president and CEO, Quidel Corp. “HDA provides both speed and ease-of-use, without sacrificing sensitivity or specificity, and we believe this technology will not only benefit AmpliVue, but Project Wildcat as well.”

With the acquisition of BioHelix, Quidel plans to accelerate the development of its AmpliVue isothermal assays and lower the associated manufacturing costs for those assays. Quidel currently sells the AmpliVue C. difficile Assay, which received FDA clearance in December of 2012.

Quidel plans to operate BioHelix as a wholly owned subsidiary, abd Huimin Kong, PhD, will remain as president of BioHelix.

[Source: Quidel Corp]