Synphilin-1 is a protein that plays a role in Parkinson’s disease and dementia, diseases with Lewy bodies that are neuropathologically characterized by a-synuclein-containing neural inclusions.
     Synphilin-1 is also found in Lewy bodies and interacts with a-synuclein in vivo. Northern and immunoblot analysis has shown that this 90kDa protein is expressed in many regions of the brain as well as non-neuronal tissues such as heart, skeletal muscle and kidney.
     The company’s antibodies to synphilin-1 (one made against a 19 amino acids peptide and one made against a nine amino acids peptide) are available. The peptide sequences were chosen to provide specificity and immunogenicity. The antibodies have proven useful for immunohistochemistry on both human and rat.
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