QuickVue UrinChek 10+ SG urine test strips have been designed specifically to simplify the visual reading process in the chemical analysis of urine for bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glucose, protein, blood, pH, nitrite and leukocytes.
     Each box comes with a vial of 150 urine test strips, 150 individual report sheets and a flat laminated color chart. This configuration can simplify the process of visual evaluation of urine test strips with the end result of improved accuracy and efficiency. In particular, the flat laminated color chart makes interpreting test results easier, eliminating the washing out or running of the color blocks on the vial label. It also reduces clinician exposure to urine.
     The report sheets can reduce the time it takes to record results and improve the accuracy in recording them.
     Since scientific evidence exists regarding the inhibition of color development by vitamin C (ascorbic acid) on urine test strips for several of the test parameters, clinicians can detect the presence of ascorbic acid on the test strips. This can be important today when significant numbers of patients are megadosing on vitamin C causing urine test strip results to be lower or falsely negative for glucose, blood nitrite and bilirubin. This added parameter reduces the risk of missing diagnostic opportunities.
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