Tecan, Maennedorf, Switzerland, has announced the launch of its NGS DreamPrep, a fully automated approach to next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation for research use. The new approach offers quality-controlled, sequencing-ready NGS libraries within hours, with minimal manual interaction and no sample loss.

NGS DreamPrep combines the Tecan Fluent liquid handler and Infinite plate reader together with Celero DNA-Seq and Universal Plus mRNA-Seq library preparation kits to improve speed, flexibility, accuracy, and precision. Quantification, normalization, and pooling of samples can all be achieved in significantly shorter timelines compared to other methods that use qPCR or capillary electrophoresis. Importantly, this is the first library preparation method to incorporate a QC step, which takes just 5 minutes, ensuring the generation of highly reproducible libraries that are ready to sequence.


Klaus Lun, PhD, Tecan.

“Next-generation sequencing continues to revolutionize genomic research,” says Klaus Lun, PhD, executive vice president and head of Tecan’s life sciences business division. “Previously, the technique relied on libraries being quantified and normalized using methods that were time-consuming and subject to variability. NGS DreamPrep enables users to easily transform samples into high quality, ready-to-use libraries.”

The Celero DNA-Seq and Universal Plus mRNA-Seq kits are the first of the company’s NGS kits to be available for the NGS DreamPrep.

For further information, visit Tecan.