HIPAA-Compliant Genomic Decision Support System

Cloud-based clinical NGS diagnostics

The GQ-Dx genomic decision support system from GenomeQuest Inc, Westborough, Mass, for the production of clinical-grade diagnostic reports from next-generation sequencing (NGS) runs, now meets Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security and privacy standards. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) recently announced an update to its molecular pathology certification checklist to include NGS. CAP is providing formal guidance on what is required to perform clinical NGS in CLIA-certified labs. As NGS moves beyond research labs into clinical labs, guidelines and standards are critical.

GenomeQuest Inc
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Cell Image Analyzer

Automatically locates white blood cells

Medica Corp, Bedford, Mass, introduces EasyCell assistant cell image analyzer for hematology laboratories. The EasyCell employs optical pattern recognition software to automatically locate white cells on a blood smear. It digitally stores their images, preclassifies them, and presents them for review—grouped by cell type—on an LCD display. The technologist can check suggested classifications of normal cells, then devote more time to reviewing abnormals. The analyzer also presents images of red cells and platelets, enabling red cell morphology and platelet estimates. With its 30-position carousel, the EasyCell offers walkaway operation, and a stat slide port permits immediate testing without disrupting a sample run.

Medica Corp
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QA/QC Device

Increases efficiency

PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces Ensemble for QA/QC. The device enables real-time control and automation that helps labs decrease procedural errors, reduce time spent on data review, and speed up the delivery of results to end-users. The platform uses a scalable architecture to support all levels of deployment from a single site to the entire enterprise. The integrated solution includes the iLAB Laboratory Execution System, which provides a structured platform that automates and controls testing procedure; ReDI technology, which leverages the value of current paper-based systems and ensures rapid deployment of the system; and the LIMS systems, which provide advanced scheduling and task management capabilities, streamlined data collection, and reporting.

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Reference Material

Available on Smart Phones

Quickly access parameters for common testsTwo new products from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, will make reference materials accessible from handheld devices. The ABG Guide interactive app is an educational resource for learning about parameters commonly measured in critical care testing, including acid base balance, electrolytes, CO-oximetry, and metabolites. It identifies normal and abnormal result ranges, corresponding clinical significance, and possible underlying causes for specified result values of 18 different analytes. The e-book, RAPID Analysis—Blood Gases and More, is a quick reference manual.The 135-page book reviews the history of blood gas testing, pre-exam considerations, acid-base metabolism, electrolytes, and metabolites. Both resources are complimentary and available at the Apple iTunes store.

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