pn11.jpg (12516 bytes)An on-line demonstration of the Digital Microscope Camera includes an interactive tour that looks at digital microscope photography and features an opportunity to become familiar with this emerging technology.
     The high-resolution digital microscope camera enables operators to capture, enhance and store digital images directly from microscope slide to computer screen. The camera features up to 1600 x 1200 color output resolution and a preview rate in color or black-and-white of up to 11 frames-per-second. It also provides detailed 12-bit per channel linear RGB images for precise measurements with a large viewing area.
     The camera can be used by microscopists or technicians who need to capture precise scientific measurements for the purpose of analyzing, documenting, communicating or archiving work. It is designed to provide a high capture rate and detailed resolution Files may be saved in multiple resolutions in a TIFF format. Polaroid