logo Founded in 1994, Medical Automation Systems, Inc., (MAS) is a pioneer in the development of tools designed to optimize today’s rapidly growing area of point-of-care testing and laboratory management. What began as a system designed to move results from a blood gas instrument located on the floor to a central laboratory for review and analysis has now become a series of systems and programs that represents the largest installed base of any point-of-care data management solutions on the market.
     Today, with more than 150 installations and 8,000 connected devices throughout the U.S. and Canada, the RALS Continuum, which includes our, RALS-G (glucose monitoring), RALS-Plus (the first vendor-neutral, multi-tasking point-of-care interface) and RALS-LIS and RALS-ADT (LIS interfacing) products, is the only building block approach to point-of-care data management in the industry.
     New Developments
     MAS offers a number of value-added products and services for point-of-care in-cluding our Point of Care Assessment program, the only consulting program designed to enhance an institution’s POCT program and the clinical management of patients.
     For diabetes educators, TIARA™ software is an easy-to-use Diabetes Education Tracking Software that provides a straightforward and “right-sized” solution to your data tracking needs!
      MAS is also sponsors Point-of-Care. Net, a web site dedicated to providing point-of-care coordinators with updated information on products, tests, conferences and more.
     For lab scheduling, MAS offers LabScheduler. This innovative system is designed to automatically match laboratory technologists with appropriate workstations and virtually eliminates manual scheduling.
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