Antek HealthWare LLC

CLMA Booth #1131

Antek HealthWare has been in the business of providing innovative medical software solutions to the health care market since 1987. Antek products significantly enhance productivity and financial management capabilities, while maintaining a low cost of ownership. Every day more than 40,000 physicians depend on Antek to assist them with patient care.

LabDAQ Laboratory Information System was initially developed and released in 1991. To date, more than 2,100 systems have been installed in physician office labs, clinics of all sizes, reference labs, and community hospitals. LabDAQ continues to evolve with new features and options that provide the laboratory with the tools needed to respond to the demands they face every day.

LabDAQ is designed to integrate seamlessly with other software systems including Hospital Information Systems, Practice Management Systems, and Electronic Medical Records. Antek HealthWare’s dedicated HL7 department has worked with the industry-leading EMR companies to ensure laboratory orders are efficiently received from an EMR and results are quickly populated back into the EMR.

LabDAQ increases the efficiency of the laboratory and the entire facility with the increased interoperability between software systems. Learn first hand why Antek HealthWare is the current “Top of the Class” LIS vendor.

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Data Innovations Inc

CLMA Booth #130

Data Innovations (DI) is the world’s largest, most successful clinical laboratory middleware company. With offices in 5 countries, over 80 employees, and US$20+ million in annual sales, DI is the only middleware company with a true global scope and sole focus on laboratory data management. Through our business partnerships and directly, we have installed over 6,500 middleware systems in over 50 countries. Instrument Manager (IM) and Laboratory Production Manager (LPM) represent the most complete offerings in the market for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical sample processing and nonclinical tasks such as equipment maintenance. Almost 1,000 different instruments, automations systems, and information systems are supported. Equally important to our products are our services, which include comprehensive support, a variety of P.A.C.E. ® approved training options, and on-site consulting. The FDA has granted 510(k) clearance to IM, demonstrating IM’s product excellence and the comprehensive systems in place to develop and support it.

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CLMA Booth #138

GG&B Co of Wichita Falls, Tex, manufactures three superior automated slider stainers for the lab. The AGS-1000 Automated Gram Stainer does beautiful gram stains regardless of sample thickness in 3 to 4-1/2 minutes. The QuickSlide Plus hematology stainer does blood smears in 1 minute and bone marrows in 2-4 minutes with stunning stain quality. And our new Acid Fast Bacillus (TB) stainer, the QS-AFB, doing a rapid modified auramine o stain in less than 2-1/2 minutes per slide. All machines carry a 1-year warranty and require no daily maintaince. These countertop single slide stainers can be placed next to your microscope and eliminate wasting chemicals down your sink. Same day shipping, extended service contracts. GG&B serves over 300 hospitals in the US and parts of Europe. GG&B is a GSA Contract Holder, woman-owned small business company that places the customer first, in business for 11 years.

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Iris Sample Processing

CLMA Booth #823

Introducing the New StatSpin® Express 4

High Speed Horizontal Centrifuge

  • The only high speed horizontal centrifuge that spins up to 10 mL gel tubes in only 3 minutes
  • Complete separation and flat gel barrier
  • Modern benchtop design
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • 2-year warranty

Laboratories are “going lean” with single piece flow. Instead of batching samples and loading into conventional slow centrifuges, labs can now process gel tubes quickly and efficiently with the new StatSpin Express 4. It can spin up to 8 samples in just 3 minutes providing clean separation with a flat gel barrier so that samples can be put directly on the analyzer. The unit can be placed next to any analyzer to eliminate unnecessary steps and improve workflow. The StatSpin Express 4 has a powerful maintenance-free brushless motor and the entire unit is backed with a 2-year warranty. Tube inserts are available to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes. The new Statspin Express 4, high-speed horizontal centrifuge, is the answer to productivity and turnaround time in the chemistry lab. Just push one button and samples are ready in just 3 minutes.

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Leica Microsystems Inc

CLMA Booth #304

Leica Microsystems will show a broad spectrum of specimen preparation instrumentation and microscopes at CLMA 2008, booth 304. The Leica BondmaX automates the advanced IHC and ISH histology staining used in cancer detection and produces brilliant staining results by uniting precision instruments with superior Novocastra reagents and antibodies. The Bond’s complete automation and continuous processing accelerate laboratory workflow.

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Maine Standards Company

CLMA Booth #1004

Maine Standards Company offers VALIDATE® SP1 for easy calibration verification/linearity testing of IgA, IgG, IgM, C3, C4, transferrin, and ·1-Antitrypsin. VALIDATE® SP1 is available in multiple configurations designed for the industry’s most widely used instruments, to validate and maximize reportable ranges while minimizing dilutions. VALIDATE® SP1 works on virtually all automated immunoassay systems.

Test kits are liquid human serum-based samples with IgA, IgG, IgM, C3, C4, transferrin, and ·1-Antitrypsin. Also, all VALIDATE® test kits contain enough product volume for two testing cycles on an instrument system.

The company manufactures VALIDATE® kits to test 80 analytes. Data reduction services are included with the purchase of all test kits. This service includes both Linearity and Peer Group Analysis with a turnaround time of just five business days. Or laboratories can use MSDRx®, Maine Standards’ exclusive do-it-yourself software, to deliver instant linearity analysis and send data via email for peer group analysis.

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CLMA Booth #531

The newest member of the high-performance Olympus laboratory analyzer series is the AU680® chemistry-immuno analyzer, which offers open track sampling, accommodating virtually any track system. Designed to meet the testing needs of mid-sized labs, the AU680 is loaded with new features to help streamline laboratory workflow, while retaining all the benefits of the well-known Olympus AU series’ standardization and reliability. Visit us at CLMA at Booth 531.

Contact: Frank Bartholf, Sr Product Manager


CLMA Booth #531

Designed to deliver the quality and productivity you need today and in the future, the AU3000i® Immunoassay System combines capacity with high throughput, for maximized walk-away convenience in high volume laboratories.

Smart Assay and Hardware Design

  • 1-step, 2-step, and competition assays formats
  • Magnetic particle capture and chemiluminescence signal detection
  • Standardized interchangeable sample racks between all AU® systems simplify sample handling and workflow, whether you choose the AU3000i workstation or Olympus laboratory automation solutions.

Contact: Susan Watanabe, Sr Product Manager

Psyche Systems Corp

CLMA Booth #705

Since 1976, Psyche Systems has delivered products and services to help laboratories of all sizes and types run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Psyche Systems offers the e.lixa® LIS extension suite, WindoPath® anatomic pathology information system, SBB blood bank software, and LabWeb® LIS standalone or as a completely integrated solution for all areas of the laboratory. With its extensive interfacing capabilities, Psyche’s products support full automation and EMR initiatives.

Through strategic alliances with key vendors, we integrate with clinical and back-office systems as well as laboratory instruments. The e.lixa® suite of LIS extension applications are designed to add new functionality to a laboratory’s existing LIS, whether ours or another system, easily and affordably. A laboratory can select one or all of e.lixa’s modules based on its particular need—to handle new types of molecular or genetic testing, enhance the marketability of its services to gain or retain new clients, or more easily address compliance requirements.

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SCC Soft Computer

CLMA Booth #621

SCC Soft Computer provides large hospitals and laboratories with integrated clinical software solutions. SCC’s Laboratory Information Systems Suite includes the company’s flagship LIS, SoftLab. SoftLab has been recognized as the market standard for its robust functionality and ease of instrument interfacing, including robotics. In addition to the Laboratory Information Systems Suite, SCC offers information systems suites for Genetics, Outreach, Blood Services, Radiology, and Pharmacy.

SCC’s goal is to continue to supply innovative technologies to meet the diverse needs of every client. SCC regards clients first and foremost, for without them the company could not attain its position of leadership in the industry.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

CLMA Booth #721

The new Shandon ClearVue™ Coverslipper makes coverslipping workflow perfectly clear. ClearVue incorporates unique technology to solve many workflow obstacles facing laboratories today. It starts with the way the Shandon ClearVue begins the coverslipping process. Simply place a slide basket onto the load rail and close the door. ClearVue does the rest, delivering speed and accuracy to complete the coverslipping workload for the busiest of laboratories.

  • Load-on-Demand capabilities—load up to five baskets from a variety of stainers all at the same time
  • Specimen recognition—recognizes two different sample types and applies the correct amount of mounting media on each type without manually changing the settings
  • Compatibility with a variety of stainers—offers the customer solutions for workflow issues that occur in laboratories where other manufacturers products reside
  • Easy-to-use consumables—specifically designed to make the ClearVue easy to operate, affordable, and convenient for the customer

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

CLMA Booth #721

Finally, there’s a product that meets your need for speed and desire for accuracy. With the Thermo Scientific PrintMate, every specimen cassette is quickly printed. Plus, it’s flexible enough to handle a single cassette or large cases with multiple cassettes—at the same rapid pace and the same level of precision. As your workload grows, so does your PrintMate; from 2 to 6 and 6 to 12 hoppers; your workload will never obsolete your printer.

Because every cassette is clearly marked with barcodes that are easy-to-read, you can identify and match samples without error. For even greater peace of mind and convenience, the barcoded information can be used to automatically print slides at the microtome, eliminating slide printing errors. So regardless of the job ahead, you’ll never have to slow down to achieve reliable, high-quality results.

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