DiagnoCure Oncology Laboratories has received the US CLIA certification required for the Company to launch its new laboratory developed Previstage™ GCC Colorectal Cancer Staging Test. The sales team can now actively promote the test, and the Company’s US clinical laboratory can perform it and report patient results worldwide.

“Receiving this regulatory certification is a major accomplishment in DiagnoCure’s growth strategy, which will strengthen our leadership position in high-value molecular cancer diagnostics. We can now provide clinicians and patients with a test using a technology that is 100,000 fold more sensitive than the current method of staging. We can help answer the fundamental question that every colorectal cancer patient asks after their surgery: Am I cured or has my cancer spread?”, stated DiagnoCure’s President and CEO, John Schafer.

DiagnoCure will promote and offer the test directly to clinicians across the United States. Following the summer pre-launch marketing campaign, several physicians have already expressed interest in the test.