Redmond, Wash.-based Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company empowering consumers by improving the way healthcare is delivered, has announced the availability of COVID-19 rapid antigen testing and inventory management services for CPESN Florida‘s member pharmacies.

Prescryptive’s test inventory program gives CPESN Florida pharmacists access to Prescryptive’s clinical solutions at a lower cost. Pharmacists will be able to deliver rapid covid testing, vaccines, and manage testing inventory as it’s available during the concurrent pressures of the Delta variant surge, the upcoming flu season, and clarification on a third dose and booster for COVID-19.

“Florida’s pharmacists are facing one of the most complicated and high-pressure scenarios for patient care in recent memory, with increased demand for timely services,” says Theresa Tolle, lead luminary for CPESN Florida. “Prescryptive has proven to be a true partner in helping independent pharmacists improve workflow, scheduling and reporting, which allows them more time for clinical care.”

With Prescryptive, pharmacists can easily manage group rapid COVID testing programs, as well as offer mobile scheduling, customize screening questions, and create more efficiencies for pharmacies. These features will enable pharmacists’ time to be spent with patients.

“At Prescryptive, our goal is to increase the offerings of pharmacists, so that they can practice at the top of their license,” says Chris Blackley, co-founder and CEO of Prescryptive Health. “As part of this commitment, we partner with pharmacy associations like CPESN to ensure that the real-time needs of pharmacists are being met.”