photoThis company offers a complete line of ventilated and refrigerated programmable centrifuges and rotors.
     Quiet running, space saving microcentrifuges feature multiple timing modes, low noise level (<55 d/Ba) and programmable performance to 13,200RPM and 16,250 xg. The high-performance, one-liter benchtop unit provides high-speed floor model performance at a benchtop price.
     Features include Integrator Run Control; five separate timing modes; 98 user-defined, lockable programs for supervisory control over sample preparation; and extended speed ranges to 16,800 RPM and 30,300 xg.
      The three-liter benchtop and floor model units feature the Enviro-Scan Microprocessor Control System with audible and visual alarms that alert users if deviation from programmed parameters occurs. Performance levels reach up to 5100 RPM and 4550 xg. A variety of swinging bucket, fixed-angle, microtube and microplate rotors are available in both sealed and non-sealed configurations.
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