Summary: Verichem Labs updated its web-based software for data reduction and test reporting to feature more enhanced convenience and security. It is tailored for use with Verichem clinical reference materials, providing instant access to statistical and graphical data, and offering flexibility with universal compatibility.


  • The upgraded software introduces a new feature enabling laboratories to save and edit customer reports on the Verichem server, streamlining the editing process without the need for re-entering data. 
  • Verichem offers its upgraded software to customers at no cost, eliminating expenses associated with hardware purchases, software downloads, or installations. 
  • The software provides comprehensive analytical support by offering instant access to statistical and graphical data, including clinical analyzer accuracy, reportable range, precision, and peer comparison. 

Verichem Laboratories has upgraded its web-based, CLIA-compliant data reduction and test reporting software program, which is now restructured using more convenient and secure online programming. 

Improved Customer Report Editing

This upgraded version incorporates an effective new feature for saving recent customer reports on the Verichem server for future editing and allows the laboratory to edit previous submissions for up to three days after the initial submission.

This new feature auto-saves previous submissions so users can edit any and or all data without re-keying or re-entering any of the other component information. This advantageous feature allows the laboratory to have all reports passing in the same submission without additional work, saving both time and labor if repeat testing, or edits, are necessary.

A Complimentary Upgrade for Verichem Clients

Specifically designed for use with all Verichem clinical reference materials, Verichem’s data reduction and test reporting software program is available to all customers at no cost. There is no hardware to purchase, no software to download, nothing to install, no expense for the laboratory. 

This software gives the laboratory instant access to statistical and graphical data covering their clinical analyzer’s accuracy, reportable range (AMR), precision, peer comparison and other supplemental data; including online peer-group data, with instant comparison of testing results with those from other laboratories.

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Flexibility of Verichem’s Software Program

The program is universal and works flawlessly with any browser or operating system, 24 hours, seven days a week globally, and the test reports generated are clear and concise and ready for final sign-off and filing. Expert technical support is just a phone call or email away.

The availability of this software program and associated technical service is certain to address the needs of a wide variety of laboratory professionals, including those involved with routine diagnostic testing, clinical research applications, and in the development and manufacturing of IVD products.

Graphic courtesy of Verichem