SchuyLab’s entry into the Laboratory Information System industry in 1994 heralded the introduction of the graphic interface to the clinical laboratory field. Schuyler House, founded by a medical technologist and computer programmer, was the first to provide a modern turnkey LIS for P.O.L.’s, Reference Labs, and Hospitals with between 10 and 1000 accessions per day. With intuitive-use graphically oriented screens and one-touch test or panel buttons, SchuyLab is easy to learn and a pleasure to use. It maintains your patient databases, tracks outstanding tests, creates and processes worksheets, and generates cumulative patient reports to automate your test processing. Using Dell Pentium PC’s, SchuyLab easily expands from a single station to a multi-station network to accommodate laboratory growth. Schuyler House currently has over 350 SchuyLabs installed in laboratories across the United States, Bermuda, Guam, and the Dominican Republic. We provide our clients with on-site training, technical support 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and a maintenance policy that includes free updates to our newest version and an instrument exchange policy. SchuyLab’s 32-bit software runs in Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT to bring you the best tool to run your laboratory the way you want to.
Phone: 800-706-0266