COPAN has entered a strategic partnership with INPECO for the connection of its track system FlexLab 3.6 for continuous feeding of standardized tube specimens to COPAN’s WASP: Walk-Away Specimen Processor.

INPECO’s track has been successfully implemented in the main specialties of the clinical laboratory everywhere. INPECO’s vision of total lab automation fits perfectly with COPAN’s vision for WASPLab, and with this partnership INPECO is looking forward to expanding its track system to the Microbiology lab to achieve full lab automation. Lab automation reduces human manipulation wherever possible to manage workload, avoid safety issues, as well as the risk of mistakes, assuring a full traceability of the biological sample. With this in mind, the ideal solution for the laboratory is to load all the tube specimens in specimen reception or accessioning area, and then use the specimen’s barcode to determine which instrument the tubes are carried. In the case of WASP, the INPECO track will automatically manage tube specimens, from loading to storing and disposing. Specimens can be loaded onto the track system in two ways: specimens loaded in a hopper and automatically placed into buckets or specimens manually placed into the bucket holders prior to sending them to WASP.

Source: COPAN Group