Pumping Modules

WEEE and RoHS regulatory compliant

Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, has introduced a line of pumping modules that allow OEM manufacturers or research do-it-yourselfers to incorporate high-quality syringe pump components. These pumping modules are fully supported with software, electronic diagrams, and engineering over-the-phone support. The pumping components are WEEE and RoHS regulatory compliant, allowing incorporation without expensive and time-consuming design. This allows the user to quickly and economically build prototype systems, or test pumping functions without sacrificing the quality of the pumping mechanism and ensuring high-performance pumping without needing to do advanced pumping design. Harvard Apparatus uses its experience to provide the designer with four modules: Microliter, Milliliter, High Force, and On-Board Programmable.

Harvard Apparatus Inc
(800) 272-2775; www.harvardapparatus.com.

Exhaust Hood

Quick to install on any bench top

The new Purair 5 Ductless Fume Hoods from Air Science USA, Fort Myers, Fla, feature a high level of operator protection where routine work is being carried out. The units exceed OSHA, ANSI, and all relevant international standards. The ductless design eliminates installation costs and allows the unit to be positioned over any sink or bench-top apparatus. The units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate, they do not exhaust expensive cooled or heated air into the atmosphere. A face velocity of 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection. All mechanisms in the head section are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination. The patented filter clamping mechanism allows for the filter to be easily installed and ensures an even seal at the filter face at all times to prevent bypass leakage.

Air Science USA
(800) 306-0656; www.air-science.com.

Environment Monitor

Takes multiple measurements

The New Multinorm from Carltex Inc, Centerport, NY, is a universal all-in-one instrument for monitoring indoor environmental and air-quality parameters. Available measurements include air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity, dew point, illuminance, luminance, CO, CO2, and sound (Class 1 and 2) analyses. Additional features of the unit include luminance measurement, contrast, globe temperature, thermocouple (contact temperature), predictive mean vote, predictive percentage of dissatisfied, and wet bulb globe temperature. In the online mode it displays current measurements; or in the logger mode, it automatically stores all measurement values per logging interval. Software is included for data analysis, charting, and reporting. Firmware is upgradeable for future new probe additions.

Carltex Inc
(631) 754-2580; www.carltex.com.

Sliding Microtome

For use at room or cold temperatures

Leica Microsystems Inc, Bannockburn, Ill, presents the new Leica SM2010 R sliding microtome. The company’s experienced engineering team and multiple sliding microtome users contributed key elements to the design of the SM2010 R that are reflected in the high-quality sectioning capabilities and the operator comfort and safety. The unit incorporates highly precise and intuitive operation, improved ergonomics, and better safety features. The instrument comes with a selection of accessories that allow it to be used for multiple applications at ambient or cold temperatures. The vertical and horizontal cross roller bearings provide smooth sledge movement and high-precision sectioning. The combination of innovative features; high-quality materials; newly designed blade holders; and a new quick clamping system improve the overall performance of the instrument.

Leica Microsystems Inc
(800) 248-0123; www.leica-microsystems.com.

Centrifuge Range

Four new models

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Milford, Mass, has introduced the Sorvall Legend Microcentrifuge Series, the latest addition to its Sorvall Legend centrifuge range. Designed to cover a broad spectrum of life science research applications, the new series accelerates researchers’ routine sample-preparation processes by delivering higher speeds, faster acceleration rates, increased capacity, and improved safety and convenience. These enhancements—together with a new user interface and an expanded rotor set—are available on four new models. The line offers researchers outstanding safety, flexibility, convenience, and throughput. The standard 24-microtube rotor is fitted with the unique ClickSeal bio-containment lid system, ensuring user safety and confidence by “clicking” when a proper seal is made. For increased throughput and improved responsiveness, the Sorvall Series provides acceleration and deceleration rates of ~12 seconds on all models. The selection of rotors supports sample formats ranging from mini-prep columns to PCR strips to hematocrit tubes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 547-7429; www.thermo.com.

Microplate Reader

HTRF certified

BioTek Instruments Inc, Winooski, Vt, has been awarded HTRF certification for the Synergy 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Readers. With this certification, Cisbio International guarantees that Synergy 2 meets or exceeds all the strict performance and functional criteria for optimal HTRF readout. The new combination of Synergy 2 and the Cisbio reagent system will provide researchers in life science and drug discovery with increased productivity and extended flexibility. Synergy 2, powered by BioTek’s Gen5 Data Analysis Software, is a modular multidetection microplate reader incorporating detection modes for fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, and UV-visible absorbance. Synergy 2 uses a unique combination of monochromator, filters, dichroic mirrors, and three broad-spectrum light sources for optimal illumination that provide the best possible level of performance in all detection modes without performance degradation typical in most multidetection systems.

BioTek Instruments Inc
(888) 451-5171; www.biotek.com.

Temperature/Humidity Monitor

Designed for short-term use

Dickson, Addison, Ill, is producing the TH800 Temperature and Humidity Chart Recorders, which are designed for troubleshooting retail operations hot spots and other problematic variations in temperature and humidity conditions. Battery-operated and cord-free, the recorders are easily moved from place to place during short-term site monitoring and testing. TH800 Temperature and Humidity Chart Recorders feature 8-inch charts, AA battery operation, user-selectable temperature ranges of 0°C to 50°C, and a digital humidity sensor with accuracy of +/-2% from 0% to 60% and +/-3% from 60% to 95%.

(630) 543-3747; www.dicksonweb.com.

Refrigerating/Heating Circulators

Broad temperature ranges

A wide selection of refrigerating/heating circulators that provide precise temperature control for viscosity-testing applications is available from PolyScience, Niles, Ill. Designed for use with automatic, semiautomatic, and manual viscosity-testing apparatuses, PolyScience Programmable and Digital refrigerating/Heating Circulators feature temperature ranges as broad as -40°C to 200°C, with plus or minus .01°C temperature stability; and are available with 6-, 13-, or 28-liter reservoirs. A variable-speed pump ensures optimum temperature uniformity when glass capillary viscometers are placed in the reservoir and is also capable of circulating heat transfer fluids to external viscometers and reservoirs.

(800) 229-7569; www.polyscience.com.

Water Filters

Eliminates endocrine disrupters

Millipore Corp, Billerica, Mass, has announced the availability of several final filtration cartridges for use with its Milli-Q Advantage A10 ultrapure water system. Each of the disposable point-of-use (POU) final filters is designed to fit the Milli-Q Advantage system’s Q-POD unit. The POU filters ensure the removal of contaminants critical for specific applications just before the ultrapure water leaves the system. Making its debut at Pittcon 2007, the EDS-Pak ultrafilter is the latest addition to the company’s POU final filter range. This new POU unit meets the needs of researchers in environmental testing laboratories who require ultrapure water free of endocrine disrupters, the small organic molecules that impact hormonal functioning in both humans and animals. Exposure to these chemicals, which are increasingly present in the environment, may cause sterility or decreased fertility, birth defects, and metabolism disorders. The new EDS-Pak POU activated charcoal filter has been designed to adsorb small organic molecules and dispense up to 300 total liters of ultrapure water free of endocrine disrupters.

Millipore Corp
(800) 548-7853; www.millipore.com.

Reservoir Tank

Quickly monitor fluid levels

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Karlsruhe, Germany, has announced that its new Kynar (PVDF) tank has won 2006 “Innovative State of the Art” and “Product of the Year” awards from the Association of Rotational Molders. The process fluid reservoir tank is an integral part of the company’s NESLAB ThermoFlex recirculating chiller used to cool equipment in a variety of process industries. Unlike traditional reservoir tanks used in recirculating chillers, the ThermoFlex tank features an unusual integrated design to deliver key customer benefits, including an integrated sight tube with a level indicator that allows users to monitor fluid levels instantly. An integrated funnel promotes easy, spill-proof filling, while an integrated full-flow filter ensures clean fluid to the application and is easily removable for quick cleaning. The integrated drain port enables 100% fluid removal from the tank.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 547-7429; www.thermo.com.

Environment Alarm

Shows high, low, and current conditions

Control Company, Friendswood, Texas, has unveiled the new Traceable Remote Alarm RH/Temperature Monitor, which features a remote temperature/humidity sensor with a 7-foot cable. Designed for routine measurements, monitoring round-the-clock, quality control needs, and critical experimental requirements. Sensor may be placed in hoods, clean rooms, coolers, stockrooms, incubators, environmental chambers, desiccators, and chemical storage areas. The triple display simultaneously shows high, low, and current humidity or temperature. Minimum and maximum memory feature for bot temp and humidity permits monitoring conditions overnight, on weekend, or any time period. Humidity range is 20% to 99% with a resolution of 1%. Temperature range is -58o to 158oF with a resolution of 0.1o. Alarm sounds when reading falls above or below set points.

Control Company
(281) 482-1714; www.control3.com.

Comprehensive Analyzer

Smaller than most on the market

Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, has announced the incorporation of total bilirubin (tBil) to the comprehensive test menu on its Stat Profile Critical Care Xpress (CCX) “All-in-One” Analyzer. Bilirubin is an important indicator of liver function particularly in neonatal applications. With the addition of total bilirubin, the CCX analyzer now offers 20 measured tests, including pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2%, hematocrit and hemoglobin, sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, glucose, BUN, creatinine, lactate, deoxyhemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, and carboxyhemoglobin, in a single, compact instrument. While incorporating more on-board tests than any competitive analyzer, the Critical Care Xpress is 20% to 40% smaller and easily transported on its mobile cart. Key CCX features include a color touch screen interface for intuitive, on-screen prompted operation; a single, snap-in reagent pack that eliminates bulky gas tanks, regulators and humidifiers, and the waste containers needed in other analyzer; a fully automated, on-board Auto-Cartridge QC system that eliminates the manual quality control, dramatically reducing labor time and costs; and a unique automated maintenance system that allows the operator to initiate maintenance and then walk away from the analyzer.

Nova Biomedical
(800) 458-5813; www.novabio.com.

Ergonomic Dispensers

One-button tip ejection

Eppendorf North America Inc, Westbury, NY, is offering the Repeater stream and Xstream. These easy-to-use, ergonomic handheld dispensers offer speed, precision, and flexibility as well as the ability to dispense liquids with high vapor pressure and/or high viscosity, while also preventing cross-contamination. They feature a motorized piston, intuitive programming, and a simple one-button tip-ejection system. When these dispensers are used with the Eppendorf Combitips Plus tip system, the tip is automatically recognized and its volume is displayed—enabling error-free volume selection. Both models perform all standard pipetting and dispensing functions; the Xstream can also perform titrations, supernatant removal, and sequential dispensing.

Eppendorf North America
(800) 645-3050; www.eppendorfna.com.

Docking Station

Works with old equipment

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Karlsruhe, Germany, has introduced a new Haake OS mobile docking station to enable users to integrate their existing measuring adapters into the company’s newest torque rheometer platform: the Haake PolyLab OS. With this upgrade, users can protect their established measuring procedures while upgrading their installations. In many cases, proven, high-quality mechanical components found in older measuring mixers, and single-screw and conical double-screw extruders, can no longer be used because of outdated hardware and software. The new docking station addresses this problem and allows users to extend the life of their equipment. A selection of mechanical drive couplings allows users to easily fit Haake and other measuring adapters dating back to the 1980s onto the mobile docking station. The PolyLab OS rheometer platform incorporates the standardized CANopen Bus that promotes connectivity. Peripheral devices are automatically identified and graphically shown in the Windows®-supported software. Remote supervision and service support are also made possible.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 547-7429; www.thermo.com.


Suggests the best tip to use

Biohit Inc, Neptune, NJ, has released a new member of its eLINE product family: the Electronic Dispenser. The unique TipGuide suggests to the user the most suitable tip size, thus eliminating the chance of improper tip selection. Just set the desired volume and number of dispensings—the TipGuide will display the correct tip size for the task at hand. The dispenser offers six operating modes—multiple dispensing, pipetting, diluting, sequential dispensing, automatic multiple dispensing, and multiaspirating—and dispenses volumes ranging from 1 µL to 50 mL. The unit is especially convenient for dispensings in long series or with viscous and high-vapor-pressure liquids. The eLINE Dispenser is designed to fit in all existing eLINE charging stands or carousels.

Biohit Inc
(800) 922-0784; www.biohit.com

Slow-Motion Video System

High sensitivity and high quantum efficiency

Photron Inc, San Diego, has announced the FocusScope SV-200i, a new slow-motion video system for the study of biofluorescence. The high-speed microscopy camera’s Gen III image intensifier is bonded directly to the CMOS sensor and provides full 512 x 512 pixel resolution, operating at 2,000 frames per second. Additional features of low-light-level framing and grayscale enhancement provide clear imagery across a wide spectral range from the visible to the ultraviolet wavelengths. The company’s newest system features both high sensitivity and high quantum efficiency, and is designed to attach to any conventional confocal or electron microscope’s camera port via a standard C-mont. The camera system is based on the same high-speed imaging technology that has been successfully integrated into Photron’s advanced imaging FastCam 512 PCI camera.

Photron Inc
(800) 585-2129; www.photron.com.

Cell Lifter

Narrow blade

This economical and reusable Cell Lifter from Bel-Art, Pequannock, NJ, is designed to scrape cell lysates as well as to remove and harvest tissue cultures from all types of dishes. The narrow blade (15 mm, 0.6 inches) is ideal for use in 35-mm and 60-mm Petri dishes and 6- and 12-well cell-culture clusters. The angled and chiseled blade with smooth handle is molded with polypropylene for good chemical resistance, easy cleaning, and autoclaving at 121ºC (250ºF). Bags of 10 Cell Lifters reduce cross contamination concerns.

Bel-Art Products Inc
(973) 694-0500; www.belart.com.


LED will not burn out

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, produces the Bright Star LED Rechargeable System, which offers a number of headset viewing options and features both an adjustable knob and a cushioned Head Loupe for greater comfort and convenience. The headset features bright, direct, LED light, dual pivot points, and an on/off switch; it is powered by rechargeable AA batteries; and it is available alone or with +1.5-, +2.0-, and +2.5-range clip-on magnifiers. Also available separately as add-on accessories is a transformer with a 9-foot cord and a charger with 7 AA batteries. Another alternative is the Bright Star LED Clip-On, which attaches easily to eye and safety glasses. Light, comfortable, and available with a clip-on battery case, the Clip-On has a coated clip to prevent lenses from getting scratched.

Vision USA
(800) 257-5782; www.visionusa.biz.

Plastic Scalpels

Made in a nuclease-free process

Use these DNase-free and RNase-Free disposable plastic scalpels from Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ, for cutting and excising selected DNA or RNA bands from agarose gels. This one tool speeds up gel processing and reduces the exposure of nucleic acids to damaging UV light. The clear polystyrene blade effortlessly and accurately excises the target bands without scratching the expensive screen of the UV transilluminator. The unique blade shape is designed to cut, lift, and transport the excised piece of gel to a test tube. These scalpels are manufactured in a nuclease-free process and packaged in nuclease-free plastic bags with five scalpels per bag.

Bel-Art Products Inc
(973) 694-0500; www.belart.com.


Nonmagnetic and chemically resistant

Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, has released the versatile Stronghold Line of clamps, stands, and lattices that are designed to meet laboratory requirements. The stands and clamps are nonmagnetic for use near MRI systems, constructed from inert molded nylon, light in weight, and chemically resistant yet extremely strong. Many specialty pieces are available, including tee connectors vices/board clamps, a 360° connector, condenser clamps, ring supports, burrette clamps, and a ball joint adapter. The Stronghold is designed for long-term use, and there is no need to worry about paint, metal flaking, or corrosion.

Harvard Apparatus Inc
(800) 272-2775; www.harvardapparatus.com.

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