The new BIOMIC® V3 microbiology system instantly measures zones and interprets standard CLSI disk-diffusion (Kirby Bauer) tests with color digital-imaging technology. This improves consistency, accuracy, and speed of reading zone sizes compared to manual reading, and eliminates personal-interpretation and transcription errors. An extensive expert system based on the latest human and animal CLSI guidelines detects the most complex bacterial and fungal resistance, including cystic fibrosis isolates. BIOMIC V3 serves as a primary or complementary AST-ID system for microbiology laboratories of all sizes and setups.
     BIOMIC V3 also reads commercial bacteria and yeast-identification (ID) panels, including RapID™ (Remel), API® (bioMérieux), Crystal™ (BD), and CHROMagar™ (BD). BIOMIC V3 contains IDTree™ software to identify many common species in minutes by the CLSI M35 methods outlined in easy-to-use flow charts, with detailed explanations and training.
     Rapid-batch entry mode enables up to six disk test plates and ID panels to be read per minute with a two-way LIS interface and worklist download. Additional productivity-enhancement features include a touch-screen monitor and bar coding, which reduce labor time in the laboratory. BIOMIC V3 includes several epidemiology and QC-reporting options, and media and disk logs. The user-friendly software gives users the flexibility to change test drugs to match changing formulary and physician needs. Accurate MICs are provided on all antibiotics at no added cost from the continuous agar gradient around each disk calibrated against reference CLSI broth dilution-method MICs, much like E-tests.
     BIOMIC V3 connects to a standard Windows®-based PC and requires no routine maintenance or service. Since 1984, Giles Scientific has placed its microbiology analyzer systems in more than 50 countries.

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