ARTEL has released a new version of its MVS Multichannel Verification System, which provides critical accuracy and precision information for multichannel and automated liquid handling (ALH) equipment in less than 5 minutes. The new version expands MVS usability for applications like protocol optimization, benchmarking, and troubleshooting. MVS creates accurate and precise NIST-traceable results for volumes as low as 0.1 µL when customers use the MVS Verification Plates supplied by ARTEL. The new MVS version better enables labs to use MVS for a wide range of applications where traceability is not essential, such as when optimizing a protocol, diagnosing a problem, or any time a “quick check” on ALH performance is needed. So that laboratories can implement these new capabilities cost-efficiently, the new MVS version allows use of conventional microtiter plates and enables users to test the performance of multiple liquid-delivery devices on a single 96-well plate.

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