Medical device industry association AdvaMed, Washington, DC, has requested that the United States trade representative provide additional tariff exclusions for medical devices, components, and supplies coming from China and needed in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic.
“We’re grateful that the administration made the positive decision last month to lift tariffs on some crucial medical equipment coming from China, including face masks, examination gloves, and surgical drapes,” says Scott Whitaker, president and chief executive officer of AdvaMed. “We appreciate the United States trade representative’s willingness to consider additional tariff relief, which will help encourage further imports from China of other mission-critical products, parts, and components, as together we continue to battle covid-19.”

In a letter to the United States trade representative, AdvaMed requested tariff exclusions for more than 80 medical product types and components its member companies have identified as critical for healthcare providers and patients in the diagnosis, containment, and treatment of the pandemic, including infection control apparel, needles/syringes, ventilator components, dialysis machines, and diagnostic testing supplies.

“When foreign suppliers have a choice of where to ship, the cost of sending such products to US patients should be competitive with other countries that do not impose Section 301 tariffs,” notes AdvaMed.

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