The Axioskop 40 and Axioskop 40 FL microscopes combine optical and mechanical stability of research class instruments with the convenience of new, user-friendly ergonomic design and the availability of all major contrasting techniques. The Axioskop 40 is used for pathology, histology, cytology, and hematology applications in laboratories. It also has numerous applications in fluorescence microscopy, including FISH or immunofluorescence.

New design features include 23-mm field of view, optimized halogen illumination with a lamp life of more than 4,000 hours, a five-position reflector wheel with push-and-click modules used in Axioskop 40 FL, a constant viewing angle of 20°, and continuous vertical adjustment by up to 50 mm.

A flat front cap of the transmitted light version ensures optimum specimen viewing from above. The neutral-density filter rings are attached directly to the objective for easy objective exchange when brightness adjustment is necessary.

The new stage with extended Ergo stage drive provides several benefits. Height and friction of the two drives can be set separately, drive controls are made of user-friendly soft-touch material, and the stage surface is completely closed from above to prevent glass abrasion and the resulting reduction in the stage’s ease of motion.

All major contrasting techniques are available to the user, including bright field; dark field; phase contrast for thin, transparent specimens; Varel contrast and inclined illumination for thick, transparent specimens; and simple polarization and fluorescence.

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