HELMER blood bank refrigerators are available in both single- and double-door models and offer storage capacities for 280 to 720 blood bags. The units feature a bacteria-resistant powder-coated exterior, Sure-Seal self-closing doors with heated glass, and solid stainless-steel drawers with Scratch-Guard edge protectors to prevent glass doors from being scratched. The refrigerators include a 4-inch, 7-day chart recorder with battery backup. In addition, both single- and double-door units are constructed to pass through standard-height doorways without tipping or laying the unit on its side.

The i.Series line of refrigerators features a stainless-steel interior and incorporates the i.Center integrated monitoring system. The i.Center constantly monitors the chamber temperature and other critical refrigerator functions, safeguarding the products inside and providing valuable information to the user.

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