WHEATON introduces the KeepIT Freezer Box for biobanking applications. The durable, color-coded biobank storage boxes were designed by WHEATON to work with the 2D barcoded CryoELITE™ Cryogenic Vials, enabling researchers to manage and track biological samples destined for cryopreservation both rapidly and accurately. Offered in six colors, the WHEATON KeepIT Freezer Boxes can be color-coded to match the CryoELITE vials—color-coding enables faster batching and easier sample identification. For digital traceability, the KeepIT boxes have openings in the bottom tray allowing the 2D barcode bottom inserts on the CryoELITE vials to be scanned, while the vials remain secure in the closed KeepIT box. The bottom openings also allow for the quick draining of liquid nitrogen.

WHEATON currently offers the KeepIT-100, which stores up to 100 internal-threaded, 1.2–2mL CryoELITE vials, and the KeepIT-81, which accommodates up to 81 external-threaded, 1.2–2mL CryoELITE vials. Both boxes fit the standard footprint used with most liquid nitrogen storage shelves and freezer drawers. Sturdy pegs keep vials centered for top readings or bottom code scanning. The KeepIT boxes are constructed of Eastman Tritan™, a Bisphenol-A (BPA) free, shatter-resistant resin that withstands extreme freeze/thaw cycles, moisture, and exposure to solvents such as DMSO. The transparent cover permits easy viewing of sample vials while closed.