ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer

Fast wash cycles

BioTek Instruments, Winooski, Vt, expands its ELx405 Microplate Washer product line with the introduction of the ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer. Developed in conjunction with leaders in genotyping, gene expression, and protein assays that are built upon Luminex Corp’s xMAP® platform, the ELx405 Magnetic Bead Washer offers high-strength biomagnetic separation in both 384-well and 96-well microplates. Rapid separation of micrometer- and nanometer-scale magnetic beads in full microplate format allows for fast wash cycles. A high-energy neodymium iron boron magnet provides retention for rapid and uniform separation in each microplate well. Additionally, the specialized magnet may be removed to accommodate other microplate-based assay protocols. The instrument may be controlled via the instrument’s keypad or Liquid Handling Control™ PC software.

BioTek Instruments
(888) 451-5171

GS-482 Thermal Cycler

Dual block functionality

Gene Technologies Corp, Somerville, Mass, launches the GS-482, the latest thermal cycler in its G-Storm range, offering dual block functionality, which is actually two independent 48-well peltier thermal blocks. Both have sprung heated lids that are able to adapt to 0.2-mL tubes and strips, as well as high-profile 48-well plates. This enables the cycler to run two programs either independently or simultaneously. In addition, the cycler has the ability to run gradient programs on either both or individual thermal blocks as a standard feature. Users can simply enter a gradient step into the chosen protocol, and the device generates a gradient more than eight columns per block. The GS482 uses Windows CE as its operating platform with a 3.5-inch full-color touch screen to control the on-board, icon-driven software.

Gene Technologies Corp
(888) 671-9890

AccuVein AV300

Handheld vein illumination

AccuVein LLC, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, launches AccuVein AV300, the world’s first handheld, noncontact vein-illumination device that helps health care professionals locate hard-to-find veins by simply pressing a button and positioning the device above the patient’s skin to display a map on the skin of underlying veins. The AV300 helps reduce the need for multiple needle sticks, with the goal of improving patient care and the time to access veins. With a range of hands-free options, the AV300 can quickly switch between a handheld and hands-free mode, freeing the practitioner’s hands to perform the venipuncture.

AccuVein LLC
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Hemoglobin A1c Monoclonal Antibodies

Measures long-term glycemic control in diabetes

CalBioreagents, San Mateo, Calif, releases two new monoclonal antibodies for Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), developed by DINONA Inc of Korea. HbA1c is an accepted marker for the measure of long-term glycemic control in diabetes. The growing epidemic of diabetes has led to the proposal that HbA1c be measured to monitor continuing therapy in diabetes patients, and that HbA1c be used as a marker to aid in the detection of early diabetes. The HbA1c reagents include two monoclonal antibodies (clones 7F10 and 13F9) specific for HbA1c that will pair with a specifically matched hemoglobin monoclonal (clone 7E7). These reagents are suitable for HbA1c research or for the development of immunoassays to quantify HbA1c.

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Remel Saline 0.45%

In plastic tube with screw cap

Remel, Lenexa, Kan, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, introduces its new Saline 0.45% (3.0 mL) in a plastic tube with screw cap for use with automated ID/AST (identification/antimicrobial susceptibility test) systems, specifically the Vitek® 2, manufactured by bioMérieux Inc. The company has also modified its existing Saline 0.45% (1.8 mL) for manufacture with the same plastic tube and screw cap. The 1.8-mL product is used with the legacy Vitek system. The Saline 0.45% is contained in an easy-to-use plastic tube that is optically clear for ease in adjusting the organism density in the saline in order to standardize the inoculum strength and is also convenient for reading with a Vitek densitometer.

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