photoThe latest additions to this company’s line of unbreakable plastic evacuated collection tubes are three MiniCollect capillary sample collection, transport and processing tubes. The MiniCollect Coagulation System is for use in hematology, and the two MiniCollect Lithium Heparin products are available in a liquid or gel format for use in chemistry.
   The coagulation system contains 3.2 percent buffered citrate, accepts 1mL of sample, and is designed to be used with venous samples collected via syringe. This product features a small sample system for coagulation testing. The MiniCollect Lithium Heparin System accepts 1mL of blood while the MiniCollect Lithium Heparin Gel System accepts 0.5mL of blood.
   Exclusive to MiniCollect products is a patented closure that acts like a valve allowing the clinician to collect specimens with the appropriate capillary or funnel without having to remove the cap, minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous samples. The product was designed to fit into a 13mm x 75mm carrier tube to facilitate barcode labeling, centrifugation and handling. Greiner Vacuette