productA new LD Isoenzyme method has been added to the test menu of the SPIFE electrophoresis system. SPIFE provides full automation of this assay with automated sample application, reagent application and separation. Up to 40 samples can be separated into the traditional five LD fractions in 77 minutes with complete automation.
     LD isoenzymes are useful in diagnosis of pulmonary infarction and hepatic congestion as well as a late marker of myocardial injury.
     Because of its location in organelles of the cytoplasm, LD escapes slowly from damaged myocardium. LD typically becomes elevated 24 hours after infarction, peaks in 3 days and returns to baseline within 8 to 9 days.
     Analysis of LD2 and LD3 aids in differentiating pulmonary versus myocardial infarction. Increased LD5 is highly indicative of hepatic disease.
Helena Laboratories
Keywords: electrophoresis, automation