Beckman Coulter MobileFugeMobile Centrifugation App
Enables remote monitoring
MobileFuge from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Indianapolis, is a remote control and monitoring application for the company’s Optima XPN and Avanti JXN centrifuges. The app enables users to monitor up to 16 instruments from any location where they have an Internet connection and either an Apple iOS or Android device. Users can access instrument data and carry out remote monitoring, control, and error handling via the central network. An email alerts feature provides additional workflow support for production or current good manufacturing practices. With the feature, users can receive an immediate electronic notification if an instrument encounters a problem, such as a power outage, during a run. The app also enables users to monitor diagnostic information and to monitor and modify speed, run time, and temperature.
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
(800) 742-2345; www.beckmancoulter.com

Visiun blood bank utilization systemBlood Transfusion Software Module
Determines transfusion probabilities
Visiun Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, has introduced a blood bank utilization module for laboratories and transfusion services. Using the tool, blood banks can quickly identify how well hospital physicians are complying with transfusion service protocols in order to reduce inappropriate transfusions. Analysis of large-scale data will also enable the blood bank to review cross-matched to transfused ratios along with determining transfusion probabilities. The blood bank utilization system is the latest component of Visiun’s core product, Performance Insight, which provides laboratory directors and managers with business intelligence and analytics to help their management teams monitor key performance indicators. Rich graphical reporting provides insight into key aspects of laboratory performance, including turnaround time, productivity, quality, test utilization, and blood bank utilization.
(800) 941-4937; www.visiun.com

Zeiss Atlas-5_640Integrated System
Analyzes multiscale images
The Atlas 5 from Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Jena, Germany, is a powerful hardware and software package that extends the capacity of the company’s scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and focused ion beam SEMs. The system streamlines automatic image acquisition and offers efficient navigation and correlation of images from any source, including light and x-ray microscopes. Users can acquire large sets of 2D or 3D nanoscale electron microscope images for hours, or days, without operator supervision. The system is also equipped with advanced preset and customizable protocols, a sample-centric workspace, and a novel graphical user interface. A sophisticated workflow environment guides the user from setup for automated acquisition, through post-processing and customized exports, all the way to analysis.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy
(800) 233-2343; www.zeiss.com


Swisslog Nexus Station for TransLogic Pneumatic Tube SystemsPneumatic Tube Station
Reduces spill risk
Swisslog Healthcare Solutions, Denver, has launched the Nexus station, designed to enhance pneumatic tube system (PTS) dispatch and receipt. Utilizing existing or new infrastructure with an aim of increasing efficiency, the unit provides quiet delivery of PTS carriers and improved carrier management through a carousel that handles both send and receive actions. Additional features include queueing functionality, which decouples system operation from workflow, and quiet operation, which reduces noise disruption. Locally stored, secure payloads offer ready access, simplifying secure retrieval, allowing more time at the bedside, and reducing impact on system resources. According to the company, the station’s features provide enhanced value across multiple hospital functions, including blood bank facilities, infection control, laboratory, nursing, and pharmacy.
Swisslog Healthcare Solutions
(303) 371-7770; www.swisslog.com

Acid Digestion Fume Hood Image.inddFume Hoods
Facilitate PVC acid digestion
UniFlow polyvinyl chloride (PVC) acid digestion hoods from Hemco Corp, Independence, Mo, are specifically designed and built for work with high volumes and concentrations of acids. The interior, including the fume hood’s work surface, is fabricated with PVC, the sash constructed of clear polycarbonate, and the exterior made of composite polyresin. The superstructure is non-metallic and chemical-resistant, to meet the demands of acid digestion procedures. Fume hoods are offered in sizes from 48 inches wide to 96 inches wide and available with or without a built-in wash-down system. The company also offers a selection of accessories, cabinets, and exhaust blowers to complete customers’ fume set-up requirements.
Hemco Corp
(800) 779-4362; www.hemcocorp.com

NewAge_Industries_Silbrade_Platinum_Hose_640Platinum-Cured Silicone Hose
Offers highest degree of purity
NewAge Industries, Southampton, Pa, introduces the Silbrade Platinum braid-reinforced silicone hose, which is platinum cured for the highest degree of purity and the fewest extractables. Offering increased pressure capabilities compared to unreinforced silicone tubing, the hose supports such applications as laboratory uses, blood and biological fluid handling, deionized water transfer, thermal protection, and electrically associated equipment. Platinum curing results in minimized extractables, enabling a purer flow of product within the hose. The hose is designed to be nonreactive to body tissues and fluids and will not support bacteria growth. It also boasts the ability to resist extreme temperature variation, from -73°C to 204°C.
NewAge Industries
(800) 506-3924; www.newageindustries.com

Harvard Apparatus_Pump 11 Pico Plus_640Precise Flow Syringe Pump
Offered in single-channel configuration
Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, has added the Pump 11 Pico Plus Elite to its Pump 11 Elite product line. Compatible with syringe sizes from 0.5 µl to 60 ml, the pump is available in a single-channel configuration that maintains the flow capabilities of the company’s original dual-channel pump while allowing for additional fluid volume without the need for refill. The infusion and withdrawal pump can deliver flow rates down to 0.54 pl/min and is ideal for small-volume injections and low flow-rate applications. It also features a high-resolution touch screen with an intuitive icon interface and a glucose clamp capability that sets the infusion rate based on subject weight, drug concentration, and required dose rate. For research use only.
Harvard Apparatus
(800) 272-2775; www.harvardapparatus.com


Excelitas Technologies X-Cite Turbo_640LED Illuminator
Developed for microscopy imaging applications
The X-Cite Turbo from Excelitas Technologies Corp, Waltham, Mass, is a multiwavelength LED fluorescence illuminator for microscopy imaging and detection applications. Featuring the company’s patent-pending LaserLED Hybrid Drive, the illuminator provides maximum excitation power for all standard color wavelengths, including the popular yellow excitation band. The technology enables precise control by balancing illumination intensities among six popular wavelengths to protect samples from photodamage. The illuminator also enables individual or simultaneous excitation of all fluorophores ranging from DAPI to Cy5, or fluorescence proteins from CFP to mCherry, making it suitable for conducting a variety of live or fixed-cell imaging and detection experiments.
Excelitas Technologies
(800) 775-6786; www.excelitas.com


Akro-Mils steel bracket accessories_640Steel Brackets
Support plastic storage system
Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, has expanded its line of louvered and rail hanging systems with the addition of steel bracket accessories for hanging plastic storage cabinets. Available in two sizes, the accessory attaches directly on the back of the company’s 10-series plastic storage cabinets without the need for tools. The bracket helps users consolidate small parts cabinets in a high-density hanging cabinet system. Plastic storage cabinets feature clear drawers for easy content identification and are dividable to expand storage options. Finger-grip drawer pulls provide easy access and rear stop tabs prevent contents from spilling. Cabinets stack securely and can also be wall mounted with keyhole slots.
(800) 253-2467; www.akro-mils.com

Innova antibody conjugates 3D image_640Conjugated Antibodies
Comprises 200 antibodies
Levering its Lightning-Link and InnovaCoat bioconjugation technologies, Innova Biosciences, Cambridge, UK, offers a range of antibodies conjugated to an extensive range of enzymes, fluorescent dyes, and colloidal gold. Designed for improved flexibility in experimental design, the range comprises 200 antibodies to nearly 30 different cardiac biomarkers, each available directly conjugated to 24 different enzymes, fluorescent dyes or nanoparticles. In conjunction with the new range, Innova has launched a new corporate web site, to provide customers with easier online ordering support, as well as access to a range of resources materials. The web site also features an antibody conjugate generator tool, which enables customers to select any desired cardiac marker, antibody clone, and label.
Innova Biosciences
(855) 466-6821; www.innovabiosciences.com

Kimberly Clark_Cleanroom labcoat crop640Lab Coat
Available in bulk packaging
The Kimtech Pure A7 cleanroom lab coat from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, provides chemical and biological protection, in addition to contamination control for cleanroom environments. Available in bulk packaging, the lab coats are designed for quick dressing and removal. Features include an advanced barrier fabric, low lint to reduce contamination risk, and elastic wrist and thumb loops for full wrist coverage. The coat also sports extra-long sleeves to help keep gloves in place and a high mandarin collar to reduce the risk of contamination. The coat is recyclable through the RightCycle program, the company’s recycling program for non-hazardous lab and cleanroom waste.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 241-3146, www.kimtech.com

Streck Sperm Chex_640Sperm Count Quality Controls
Contain stabilized sperm
Streck, Omaha, Neb, has acquired sperm count and post vasectomy quality control products from Fertility Solutions Inc, Cleveland, Ohio. The sperm count controls for fertility diagnosis have been renamed as Sperm-Chex and Sperm-Chex Post VC. Sperm-Chex is a two-level sperm count control that contains stabilized sperm cells. Sperm-Chex is available in a kit containing two 300 µL vials, one each of Level 1 and 2. Sperm-Chex Post VC is a positive/negative control developed to monitor post-vasectomy sperm counts. Sperm-Chex Post VC is available in a kit containing two 300 µL vials, one positive and one negative sperm control. The products are stable for 42 days open-vial and 12 months closed-vial when stored at 2°C to 10°C, and are packaged in plastic microtubes with screw-top caps.
(800) 843?0912; www.streck.com

Audit FD Bilirubin_crop640Linearity Set of Bilirubin Controls
Consists of five levels
Audit MicroControls Inc, Eatonton, Ga, has expanded its line of calibration verification and linearity controls with the Linearity FD bilirubin controls for Roche systems. The set of controls is designed to simulate human serum samples for determining linearity, calibration verification, and verification of the reportable range for quantitative assays performed on Roche clinical chemistry analyzers. The Linearity FD set is a ready-to-use lyophilized product consisting of five levels that demonstrate a linear relationship to each other when assayed for direct bilirubin and total bilirubin. The product has an open-vial stability of 2 days when stored at 2–8°C.
Audit MicroControls
(866) 252-8348; www.auditmicro.com


New England Biolabs qPCR for Illumina crop640Library Quant Kit
Employs qPCR-based technology
New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Mass, has released the NEBNext library quant kit for Illumina, San Diego. The quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)-based technology is used for next-generation sequencing library quantitation. Specifically for Illumina sequencing, accurate quantitation enables optimal sequence output by achieving optimal cluster densities. By employing qPCR amplification, it becomes possible to selectively quantitate only those molecules that contain both of the adaptor sequences required for successful sequencing, further increasing the accuracy and specificity of the library quantitative values. With only four required standards, wells are freed up for quantitating additional libraries. The kit includes a concentrated library dilution buffer and ROX, a reference dye used for normalization with some qPCR instruments.
New England Biolabs
(800) 632-5227; www.neb.com

Interpace Diagnostics PancraGen Photo_highresPancreatic Cancer Test
Interrogates minute biopsy specimens
The PancraGen test from Interpace Diagnostics, Parsippany, NJ, utilizes the company’s PathFinderTG platform, which assesses multiple tumor suppressor and oncogene DNA abnormalities. PancraGen integrates this DNA analysis with clinical features of pancreatic cysts to stratify patients for risk of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. All patients with pancreatic cysts, except those with clear cytological malignancy, are candidates for testing with PancraGen. Among its attributes, PathFinderTG is specifically designed to interrogate minute biopsy specimens, overcome limitations related to exposure to chemicals typically used in sample fixation, and enable the analysis of both cellular and cell-free DNA. PancraGen and related PathFinderTG applications have been validated for use in clinical testing to resolve indeterminate diagnoses, improve detection of cancer, and define individual patient risk for cancer development. PancraGen clinical testing has been approved for third-party reimbursement by Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other private health plans.
Interpace Diagnostics
(844) 405-9655; www.interpacediagnostics.com