Category: Histology

July 2016 Tech Guide: Anatomic and Digital Pathology Instruments and Tools

This month’s issue features anatomic and digital pathology technologies from such companies as Aspyra, Leica Biosystems, Mikroscan Technologies, and Philips.

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The New-Model Histotechnologist

Annual fellowship and job market surveys from the American Society for Clinical Pathology provide valuable information on national trends regarding medical education, residency training, and the pathology job market.

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Histotechnology Takes Aim at Automation

Histological visualization has been supplemented by digital pathology applications that make use of advanced staining and imaging technologies, offering new opportunities for histotechnologists to be on the cutting edge of clinical diagnosis as well as patient management.

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Histotechnology Faces New and Ongoing Challenges

The histotechnology sector is facing a shortfall of qualified histotechnologists alongside an influx of more sophisticated specimen testing and a need for standardized testing processes and results. How are these issues being addressed, and how effectively?

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